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A Dialogue on Confidentiality
A Gestalt Approach to Working with Group Process
An Introduction to Gestalt Therapy
Boundary Issues in Teams and Workgroups
Cocreative Transactional Analysis
Dialogue & Experiment
Early-Disturbed Clients
Encounters on the Boundaries of Gestalt
Experiments in Groups
False Memory Syndrome
Field Theory and Group Process (revised 2002)
Gestalt & Group Development Theory
Gestalt Therapy in Groups: The Early Days
Gestalt Learning & Training
Gestalt Map
How Group Therapy Works
Jay Earleys Interactive Group Therapy: a review
John Enright and Enlightening Gestalt
Levels of Learning
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
On Being an Interesting Person
Present-Centred Language
Silence in Groups
Team-building Gestalt Style
The Gestalt Contact Cycle
Therapy of Self
The Seven Qualities of a Good Group Therapist
Uncertainty and Choice
What is Learning?
Working with Anger
Working with Large Groups and Teams
The Joy of Horror Films - *** NEW ***
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