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These workshops are for those people who are seeking to incorporate a spiritual dimension into their work and their lives. Many of us have a sense of the spiritual in the things we do and are looking for way to directly open up to this dimension in our day to day lives.

This "field" of Transactional Analysis encompasses all other fields and is open to people at all levels of training. It will be possible for participants to count these hours for training or CPD purposes.

This series of workshops will be held in a beautiful part of Southern Spain (see "the venue and area" page). Walking meditations in the mountains will be feature of each workshop.



23rd, 24th and 25th September 2005:

" Games people play ~ the search for union and wholeness"

24th, 25th and 26th February 2006:

"Scripts People live ~ the search for meaning"

15th, 16th and 17th September 2006:

"What do you say after you say hello?"~ embracing the void

23rd, 24th and 25th February 2007:

Discounting to accounting: ~ mindfulness and awareness

14th,15th and 16th September 2007

Injunctions and Permissions ~ Free the Spirit 

15th, 16th and 17th February 2008

Groups and Communities~ Union and Belonging

19th, 20th and 21st September 2008

I'm OK You're OK ~ I am Love You are Love

13th, 14th and 15th February 2009

Acceptance - a path to lasting change

18th, 19th and 20th September 2009 

Still mind, Open Heart~ Beyond ego states

12th 13th and 14th of February 2010  

Self Healing ~ Inner Peace and Freedom 


1st, 2nd and 3rd of October 2010

workshop to be decided


15th -19th February 2011  (India) (cancelled)


      The Awakened Heart ~ Vibrant Life                                     


          23rd, 24th, 25th  of September 2011 

      "Beyond personality"




Summary of the workshops:

Games people play ~ the search for union and wholeness

One significant advantage to playing of psychological Games is the opportunity for wholeness. As we project unwanted aspects of ourselves onto others we can reclaim these parts and face ourselves with ourselves. In this workshop we will learn ways to make this unconscious process conscious and be in touch with the spirit in us that seeks to be one with all things.


September group:

"wonderful experience"....."a huge slice of peace and tranquillity"....."a remarkable 3 days"........."many valuable experiences and ideas"........"peaceful,stimulating and welcoming"......."a reminder of the beauty that we are"



 "Scripts People live ~ the search for meaning"

Early in life we make unconscious decisions about life that provide structure and meaning. These decisions can later become restricitive and limiting. In this workshop we will open up to other possibilties using meditation and dreamwork. New meanings may emerge and an increasing openness to the present moment and its possibilities.


"What do you say after you say hello?"~ embracing the void

In our modern world we fill space and emptiness with high levels of activity and stimulation. We rarely find true intimacy with ourselves and others as we rush from one thing to the next. In the silence and empty space is an inner world to explore and a challenge to face. In this workshop we will practise being with ourselves in the stillness, embracing the void and transcending day to day concerns.

Group feedback:   "I received some very unexpected gifts"...."I am embracing me"..."I've learned never to be afraid of the void"..."I feel back in touch with myself again"..."this was the best workshop I've ever been on"..."I feel nurtured"......"I feel very accepted"...."I am more in touch with the passionate side of me"..."I loved the group and learnt a lot from everyone".



Discounting to accounting: ~ mindfulness and awareness   (February 07)

Most of us learnt to diminish awareness in order to deal with discomfort and pain as we grew up. As with many such defences the solution to the original problem later becomes a problem in itself. In this workshop we will practice ways of being mindful and aware during everything we do. Life can become more vibrant, relationships more intimate and feelings manageable and nourishing.

Group feedback: "It was a beautiful, tranquil experience that has helped me to get centred" ?Perfect for where I am I feel a lot calmer ? less anxiety, sadness, grief?

.....?I'm more in touch with my feelings and concentrating on love? ....  ?Exactly what I needed.? Realise I need to make space for love and beauty.  ... Very freeing.?........ 

  "I just want to tell as many people as possible how fantastic and great these workshops are. ......"

 I can live much more easily and enjoyably"


Injunctions and Permissions ~ Free the Spirit   (September 07)  

The hypnotic nature of childhood attributions and injunctions can be a real challenge to free ourselves from. Deep patterns of feeling, thinking and behaviour are set down. In this workshop participants will learn ancient spiritual practices designed to release our full capacities and promote awakening. Using these meditations we can open up to our true selves and our freedom. 


Group feedback:   "the workshop did wonders for recharging my spiritual battery.....I feel more empowered, enlightened and serene.......I got a lot from the weekend and now feel differently about my father........I'm finding it easier to let go of attachments......a fantastic workshop".


Groups and communities ~ Union and Belonging  February 2008

In the West we grow up in a highly individualistic culture and also live in groups and communities. Living in harmony with others and staying true to ourselves is a great challenge. We are deeply affected by the culture we come from and the families we are raised in. Our survival on the planet depends on our ability to live together in the bigger community, to go beyond duality, to return to our natural state of union. In this workshop we will explore these issues together and learn practices to promote union with self, other and community.


Group feedback: very enlightening.....another extraordinary weekend......I'm seeing all the possibilities of learning from groups.....I found a balance inside myself....has moved me from scarcity to abundance....wonderful experiences.

"I'm OK - You're Ok" ~ "I am Love - You are Love" September 2008

The life position "I'm ok ~ you're ok" is fundamental to the practice of Transactional Analysis. However the language does not really convey the essence of what this means for each of us. At the core of us all is Love. In this workshop people will learn ways to live the truth of "I am Love ~ You are Love" both in terms of meditation and every day experience.

Group feedback: "Feel empowered"...hope you're running these for a long time....."feel shaken and will hold the love I've experienced here"..."I feel very centred and supported"...I've learnt to be clear in my part in things"

Acceptance - a path to lasting change              February 2009

The deep acceptance of ourselves and others is an active process in which we come to face all of who we are with love and compassion. Doing this can help dissolve our deepest blocks to life, love and intimacy.

Meditations and shared experience in a group will help promote participants to find acceptance at a profound level of being, and in so doing change in a lasting way.

Still mind, Open heart ~ Beyond ego states                 September 2009

The more we can still the mind the more our hearts can open. By simply noticing and accepting our experiences we relax about whatever is there. In so doing we also open up to a deep acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others.


In the workshop participants will learn simple practices that can have a profound effect on our capacity to live Life. These tools can also help dissolve conflicts and difficulties naturally and easily.


Self Healing ~ Inner Peace and Freedom                                          February 2010

To heal at a deep level we need to nurture a loving acceptance of the many ways we have adapted in order to survive and protect ourselves. This process of self healing involves a profound letting go on many levels of our being and an openness to the Higher Self.


(workshop content to follow)                                                                October  2010


The Awakened Heart ~ Vibrant Life                                                  February 2011

Rajasthan, India

Through awareness and acceptance our hearts open to the fullness of Life’s energy. In this way we can awaken to our true being and to the source of Life itself.

In this 4 day workshop, set in a stunning part of India, and including a day of contemplation in the desert, participants will learn simple practices for awakening and opening to Life’s vibrancy.

The workshop will take place in a beautifully restored retreat centre in the heart of the magical city of Jodhpur


Beyond Personality       23,24,25 September  2011


The word personality comes from the Greek “Personameaning sounding through. Our true nature uses the instrument of the personality to express the being that we really are.  Psychotherapy can help us clear this instrument and in meditation this natural being reveals itself and its divine music.


The workshops take place over three days and consist of meditations, dream work, discussion and exercises, and includes at least one walk in the mountains (over easy terrain).

You do not need to have meditated before or have done any training in TA as the processes involved are simple and easy to learn. You'll also find them useful and applicable in your everyday life. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and reflection.

Workshop fee:  £150 per workshop   ( 150 euros for residents of Spain and reductions for bookings of two or more workshops).         

Please send a deposit of £30 payable to "Martin Wells".

Address: - 11, Clare Road, Bristol BS6 5TB

Homemade, wholefood lunch will be available at a small extra charge and, for evening meals, Orgiva has several good restaurants. There are also some good restaurants and cafes higher up in the mountain villages.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us if you have any queries. (0117 9247457) martin_wells@lineone.net)


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